You Have Lost a Lot of Brain- Kruger Fails At Suicide As Much as He Fails at Business


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Daniel von Bargen, perhaps best known as Mr. Kruger on “Seinfeld”, was hospitalized this week after shooting himself in the head in a botched suicide attempt.

The Montgomery, Ohio, resident shot himself in the temple with a Colt 38 gun on Monday. He called Hamilton County 911 after his attempt failed.

According to the call, Von Bargen shot himself to avoid going to the hospital. After the dispatcher asked if the shooting was accidental, von Bargen responded, ” No, I was supposed to go to the hospital today, didn’t want to … well, I shot myself.” Von Bargen is a diabetic and was supposed to have two of his toes amputated that day.

The harrowing call was caught on tape. Entertainment site TMZ has the call.

One can hear Von Bargen painfully describing as he explained to the dispatcher what happened.

“Yes, I shot myself in the head and, uhh, I need help,” he said.

Unable to open his eyes or move to open his door, he was able to stay on the phone until police and fire officials arrived at his home five minutes after he called 911. Apparently worried that Von Bargen may have other weapons around, police can be heard yelling at Von Bargen to stay still and keep his hands where they could see them.

According to Montgomery Police Srgt. Greg Vondenbenken, Von Bargen was “seriously injured.” They took him to Bethesda North hospital, where Vondenbenken says that his condition is improving.
I know there's a lot of competition, but Kruger might be my favorite all-time Seinfeld boss. And he was only in four episodes, I thought he was in a lot more. Banya was only in six episodes, including the finale.


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It looks like Chief Grady is a horrible shot! No wonder he started smuggling weed!


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I used to do business with Kruger Industrial Smoothing. Sad.

He didn't want to lose them toes or go to the hospital, but he got to do both.

When I was a wee lad we had a garbage man who came around once a week and he had eaten a pistol but missed. It blew off his nose and plowed a wide furrow to his forehead, and I believe upper teeth were still visible. That was just the thing to see when a young boy starts making friends with all the local characters.


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I always wondered what happened to him. I didn't realize he was the Colonel from Malcolm in the Middle.

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Okay, how about we remove the rest of the head, stick a pumpkin under his arm and change his imdb page to Ichabod Crane?


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Von Bargen shot himself to avoid going to the hospital
I think there's probably a better way to avoid going to the hospital.

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The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
When I checked on that out of curiosity, I actually went to a couple of different sites because I was convinced he was around for at least half a season.