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Couple unhurt when cow falls on van
01:57 PM PST on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 Staff

WENATCHEE, Wash. -- A Michigan couple is lucky to be alive after their minivan was hit by a falling cow on Sunday.
Charles Everson, Jr. and his wife Linda were driving on Highway 150 about one mile east of Manson in Chelan County when a cow fell about 200 feet off a cliff and landed on the hood of their minivan.

Chelan Co. Fire Dist. 5
A 600 pound cow fell 200 feet from a cliff near Manson, WA, landing on this minivan driven by Charles Everson, Jr.
"It was 'bam'- you just saw something come down and hit the hood," Everson told the Wenatchee World newspaper from a hotel room in Manson.
Everson, 49, and his wife were visiting the area from Westland, Michigan, near Detroit, and were headed back to their hotel after attending a church service.
The newspaper cites Everson saying he didn't see the animal until it hit and didn't realize what happened until after the impact.
"I'm like, 'I don't believe this, I don't believe this, I don't believe this,'" Everson told the newspaper.
Officials said the cow Was a heifer, estimated at weighing about 600 pounds. It had been reported as missing earlier in the day by a breeder in the area.
"It's funny because it was such a close call," Arnold Baker, Chelan county Fire District 5 Chief told the World. "Inches different and the couple in this car would have been killed."
The Eversons were examined at Lake Chelan Community Hospital and released.
The animal was euthanized at the scene.
The owners of the cow live in Spokane County. They call "Michelle" a "valued pet and companion".
Apparently, the cow was being kept at a breeding facility in August and escaped three weeks ago.