Your 2012 Election Night Viewing Guide (Non-Presidential Races)

Hey guys,

So in ten mins or so I start a marathon fucking 2 day session and won't rest for another 31 fucking hours.

Here are the races you want to pay attention to on E-day from around the USA:


Wisconsin Senate:
Tommy Thompson R v. Tammy Baldwin D
-Governor vs Congresswoman
-Stupid Name vs Lesbian

Arizona Senate:
Richard Carmona D v. Jeff Flake R
-Tight Race, Hispanic Carmona (Vietnam Vet, Doctor, U.S. surgeon general during the George W. Bush) tries to win in a sate that is 30% Hispanic.

Connecticut Senate:
Linda McMahon R v. Chris Murphy D
-WWE Fan and Democrat so I am conflicted more than I was before Hogan/Warrior at Wrestlemania 6.
-McMahon is passing out flyers saying to vote for her and Obama.

Indiana Senate:
Joe Donnelly D v. Richard Mourdock R
-Is r@pe a gift from God? That's the question.
-Dick Lugar's old seat.

Maine Senate:
Cynthia Dill (D) v. Angus King (I) v. Charlie Summers (R)
-Seat of retiring Olympia Snow, moderate Republican.
-King is the favorite. He was their Independent governor for 8 years. Summers says King will side with Dems. King refuses to say which side he would side with.

Massachusetts Senate:
Scott Brown v. Elizabeth Warren
-Ted Kennedy's seat.
-Could be closest race in the USA.

Missouri Senate:
Todd Akin R v. Claire McCaskill D
-R@pe can't get you pregnant (A doctor said so).
-Karl Rove and other groups pulled Ads for Akin but he is running them and refusing o reveal the source of his funding.

North Dakota Senate:
Rick Berg R v. Heidi Heitkamp D
-Keystone XL is an issue here.
-retiring Democrat Kent Conrad’s seat.
-Heaikamp is popular. Breast cancer survivor.

Ohio Senate:
Sherrod Brown D v. Josh Mandel R
-Brown ouspending Mandel by about 6 million bucks.
-"War on Coal" could be huge local issue in this race.
-Brown ahead in polls.

Virginia Senate:
George Allen R v. Tim Kaine D
-Close race between two former popular governors. This is like the Hulk vs The Thing.

Nevada Senate:
Shelly Berkley D v. Dean Heller R
-Close, nasty race.
-Harry Reid has a fucking political machine there.

Montana Senate:
Denny Rehberg R v. John Tester D
-Tester is the Dem incumbent who is most vulnerable.
-Will be closest after Brown-Warren.


Gay Marriage:
On the ballot in Washington, Maryland and Maine
-Maine is an up and down vote, the other 2 already have laws.

-Colorado, Washington and Oregon will vote on legalization.
-Massachusetts and Arkansas will consider legalizing the medical use of marijuana, while in Montana, they will decide whether to affirm or reject a 2011 law that scaled back a 2004 initiative legalizing medical marijuana.

Death Penalty:
-California Ballot measure would replace death penalty with life in prison and no parole.

Condoms in Porn:
-California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act requiring condoms and safe sex in porn.

Voter ID:
-Minnesota: should every voter have to show photo ID to vote.

-Missouri votes to more than quintuple cigarette tax to 90 cents per pack, up from 17 cents. And that’s on top of a $1.01 federal tax.

GMO Food:
-Proposition 37 in California would require food marketers to label genetically modified foods.
-Food industry has fought this with millions.
-Might raise grocery bills.

Income Tax:
-New Hampshire votes to make "No-income Tax" a state law.

-Louisiana votes to add the right to acquire, transport, carry, transfer, and use firearms to the constitutional right to bear arms.


Doesn't really matter. Repubs will keep majority either way. But here is my favorite one:

Patrick Murphy D vs Allen West R
-West is batshit crazy, Murphy is a CPA who disagrees with Obama's tax on the wealthy.
-Very Conservative district.


New Hampshire:
Maggie Hassan D v. Ovide Lamontagne R
-Close race but Hassan slightly up.

Jay Inslee D v. Rob McKenna R
-2 popular local guys who are in a race that was decided last time by less than 1%.
-We haven't had a Repub governor in over 30 years but I could see McKenna doing it. Seattle-area moderate.

Jay Nixon D v. Dave Spence R
-Nixon won last time with 58%

Steve Bullock D v. Rick Hill R
-Democratic governor Schweitzer was popular but term-limited.

West Virginia:
Earl Ray Tomblin D v. Bill Maloney R
-Tomblin won by 3% last time.

North Carolina:
Walter Dalton D v. Pat McRory R
-McRory is the former mayor of Charlotte and has the lead but North Carolina hasn't had a Republican governor in a while.


Darkness always says hello.
Feb 20, 2006
I hope you have a stroke right before the presidential winner is announced, just because you started this thread with "Hey guys".


Wackbag Generalissimo
Jul 21, 2003
Wilmington, NC
Hey guys,

So in ten mins or so I start a marathon fucking 2 day session and won't rest for another 31 fucking hours.
Jeez, sounds like things are pretty tense over at Soros Sentral.

BTW, McCrory has NC gov pretty much locked up.

CM Mark

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Apr 13, 2005
Pretty Pretty Unicorn
As a democrat in Connecticut, McMahon has my vote tomorrow. McMahon is actually more left leaning than Murphy is.

Don the Radio Guy

Mar 30, 2006
And Linda isn't going around telling people that voting a split ticket is illegal.


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Feb 15, 2005
Elkton, MD
So we're clear, Uncle Paul will be getting my vote if another Orphans' Court position is up for a vote in my area.