Your favorite multiplayer online game

So basically, what's your favorite game that you've ever played multiplayer online with. Doesn't have to be the best game ever, but what was your one game where you had the most fun with in terms of online multiplayer.

For me, it was Alien vs. Predator 2. The game modes were revolutionary, the action was smooth, weapons were cool, the different races made a new experience everytime, and it was just so much damn fun. Its still the most fun I've had.


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even though im pretty done with it for now i had alot of fun playing World of Warcraft



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I've been playing WOW for just over a month and love it. I know it will get old someday, but it is great for now.


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Easy question. Quake.... Threewave CTF to be more specific. It's been 12 years since that game came out and hardly ANYONE has put a grappling hook in an FPS since. And I don't know why. You could hide ANYWHERE.... grapple into a dark high corner, and then switch to your gun. It was the best. I played that game to death, I hope they come out with an updated version of it. The levels and atmosphere were fantastic.

Second place would be WoW. TF2 is looking promising as well... hopefully more levels are on their way.


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TF. Probably Mega TF if I had to pick a specific mod within the mod.

I'd have to go with Planetside as second. As much as I hate SOE, Planetside was a really fun game when it came out. I'm still waiting for another MMOFPS to be made. Of course SOE ruined it with horrible patches, no customer support and rampant cheaters, not to mention the systematic destruction of the already crummy balance between the three factions. Ugh, still pisses me off to this day how badly they managed to fuck it up.
Battlefield1942 without a doubt for me.
I can't bring myself to play it anymore but the amount of hours and fun I had with that game hasn't been matched by any game since.
TF2 is what I'm having fun with now.


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For PC, Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was always a ton of fun, and they came out with mods and new maps fairly frequently, so it made it worth it. Also, I have yet to play (not that I'm really a die hard gamer) any other game that utilized different classes so well. You could always be something different like an engineer, leuitenant, medic, or regular soldier, and it always made how you played the game a different experience.

For my 360, it's still Rainbow 6 Vegas, though Halo 3 may catch up to it soon.


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Of all time?

The first time I played Unreal Tournament CTf on Lava giant (map) with low grav mutator. its basically what turned me into a gaming addict.

Right now: The Crysis beta is quite fun and of course Halo 3 is a blast if you get on a server with no little retards running their mouths or using exploits.

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Quake2 CTF with the hook. Fucking ruled.

Close second is the BF1942 Desert Combat mod.


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Quake2 CTF with the hook. Fucking ruled.
I played the shit out of Quake2 as well... but the creepiness of Quake was way cooler. Great sequel, but unfortunately it progressively got worse. The CTF maps on Quake were quite possibly the best put together I've ever played still to this day. These companies need to bring in the grapple hook for fucks sake! I've been hoping for years they make a new Bionic Commando, and it's finally on its way. Hopefully it will spark a flame. No joke, I've thought they should remake Bionic Commando since N64.
even though im pretty done with it for now i had alot of fun playing World of Warcraft

x2. Fully done with WoW since January, but goddamn did I have fun playing that game. Too much fun actually, which is why I ended up quitting.


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Battlefield Vietnam(used to be in a clan)
Battlefeild 1942 & 2
Syphon Filter:The Omega Strain
World In Conflict

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TFC, hands down. Going 100 to 1 as a fucking Medic on Warpath. Damn I wish theyd bring that map back.

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Battlefield 1942

by far the best for pc

Gears of War

best for a game system


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My favorite for console is still Lost Planet for 360. Fantastic multiplayer. GoW multiplayer was just an annoying fragfest. Much better single player experience, IMO.
Unreal 2 XMP

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Medal of Honor:Allied Assualt. I played the hell out of that game and might just reload it on my computer to tide me over until Heros 2 comes out for the Wii in 14 days.


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surprised no one else has said it

Gears Of War. We spent 6 hours a night for 5 months playing that game


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Asheron's Call back in the day. It had an unbeatable community. But games got better and they never did anything to try and compete with today's graphics.