Your First Website


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Feb 18, 2005
in a house
Did anyone ever make a crappy website while in college or just dicking around that they are embarrassed about? I found the first one I made. Jesus does it suck dick.
i love the last updated 05/13/03
oh, and the cursor tracer is annoying as hell.
good stuff.

i know i made one on tripod years ago, but i cant seem to find it or login to the old account.

oh well, i f i find that gem later, i'll post.



wow what a douchey site!

i just found it and was able to find my login info...

i even had a paypal donation link!

feel free to blast away at this piece of garbage.


A Mean-Spirited Nothing™
Sep 14, 2006
I made one on homestead once, for my bookie. I had to update the lines 3 times a day, change the board every morning before work, It was a major pain in the ass, but it wasn't a train wreck. I looked for it, but its gone now.