Your go-to news site? (Poll)

Where do you get your news?

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I went with other; BBC is my source.


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Right here. I let everyone else do the heavy lifting. ;)


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Why is the "Kirk spreads the truth" thread not an option?


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Actually, I have this a my go-to news site now. No bullshit ads and browser shenanigans with all the social networking api's.


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My News bookmarks are not all that surprising. Drudge, Breitbart, Blaze, and WRAL (local). And CNN, but no Fox though. Out of all of those, I'll usually go to Drudge first. I got to Breitbart maybe once every other day, and Blaze maybe twice a week.

Wackbag CE pretty much every day, though I never thought to call it "news". :icon_conf


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CNN International
NY Times
BBC World
Google News


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No RT? I give you mad props for including infowars.


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RT is Russian State media. Nothing should be believed by them.


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What, no HufPo in the poll? ;)

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are probably my primary portals to stories, but if I was going to break it down...

Daily (roughly in order)... The Blaze, Drudge, Newsbusters, PJMedia, Breitbart (MAIN & TV), Mediaite (liberals), Real Clear Politics, Daily Caller and CNS News.

I also pay daily visits to The Right Scoop, Gateway Pundit, Red State, Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood and Twitchy.

Weekly I visit PJTV, American Thinker, MRCTV, Jawa Report, MEMRI, Big Peace, Gulag Bound and Saving the Republic.

The People's Cube is a fantastic satire site.

A few years ago I'd check out Infowars and sift through the nonsense, but those people are so batshit INSANE that they're even worse than the lying propagandists at the Soros sites.

RT is Russian propaganda pure and simple. Of course Kirk likes them, they're basically the ONLY entity that gives Alex Jones any real legitimacy.


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I will admit, I do check out HuffPo whenever I'm feeling dirty. But I don't do it in front of my President Ronald Reagan shrine. :icon_cool
i dont really even give a shit fuck anymore, anything in the news that affects me will be a negative anyway so the news can blow its self