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The boys talked about this last week. Some chick with the same name as me registered a site promoting how she can communicate with animals. It doesn't exist anymore; it says she pulled it in August. I suppose that wasn't bringing in the cash.

Anyone else?


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I had my name, i let it expire and now a church minister owns it.


Your talking about real names? Or Internet names?


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Mines been registered for a long time to some psychic in Dallas.


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Someone's got mine parked with ads and search stuff. I have the same name as a children's author, so that's probably why they did that.


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i used to own mine but i let it expired beacuse i never used it. now i just use my aim screen name as my domain

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I just checked. My name is taken by some web designer, graphic artist, photographer type and I think he's British. Seems like a pretty successful chap.
Mine redirects to an unused Geocities page :(

Some real estate agent in Colorado owns it.


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MINE IS SOME PAINTER...pretty famous from what it seems...


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I have mine. Thinking about getting my daughters' to hold onto for them.


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Some big name italian architect has the same name as me and has a ".it" address.


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i have mine & my screen name.

i am tring to learn a lot more about site building before re-opening my screen name site (, so right now its the ren & stimpy flash game.

i used to have it totally dedicated to NIN, but now i wanna have a full featured site.

anyway, my real name just has photos and videos... started a blog that died quickly... too much to keep up every day, i use all my free time here :)
I think I'm the only person in the U.S. with my first and last name so no-one has mine. :D
my name goes to a guy in Mass. that repairs/sells & restores old farm equipment.


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What the hell? Mine redirects to some mac page filled with pics of some young child, by the parents i suppose.


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Nope. My name is way too out of the ordinary to capitalize on it.