Your oscar acceptance speech?


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I would like to thank all the people who I worked with on this film. My mother and father etc. I'd also like to thank Opie and anthony 102.7 wnew. plugs). Last but not least I'd like to say " F that c in her T's. ok terrific thank you."
I would like to thank my friends. That guy sitting in the 3rd seat in the Front row is a kid toucher. Jay Mohr is gay. Fuck all of you who didnt like my movie. Kiss my ass thank you for the award you blond slut come back and give me BJ im gonna go fuck her see you all later.


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I'd like to thank Buddha, my cross dressin dad...the kid that sat behind me in the 1st grade,my bunny mr bojangles, and all the people who ever made a difference in my life. I'd also like to dedicate this to a cat named
I would like to thank *insert said family* for their support... And the rest of y'all can kiss my ass! :D :D :D


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I had actually thought of this beforehand. And I would thank absolutely noone.

Let the people talk about that. It would get me lots of press. The people that I would have thanked already knew of my appreciation so it is pointless to tell everyone else. :rolleyes: :cool: