You're in Mancow Country if...


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Pretty, I'll start.

"If your towns version of Survivor is a shoot out at high're in Mancow Country!!!"


Be very afraid.
If you start a thread about a very funny bit, and get very few replies, you're in Mancow Country!


YEAH! Wait. What?
If El Guapo raids your town weekly, you're in Mandouche country


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If the main cause of death in your town is dysentery...

If they sell a set of commemorative plates about recent events in your town...


Your moms box.
If your town is still advertising "40 acres and a mule"...


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if your cousin is also your wife...BAGAKAKAKAKAKK

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
If your town looks like a Rennesance Faire every day, you might be in Mancunt country
If all the people on welfare in your town are white, you may be in Mancow cuntry.
If you can break someone out of jail by tying a rope to the bars over the window and pulling the whole wall down with a pickup truck..........your in mfhsdanfincosjnfwntry


**I move away from the mic to fuck your mother.
If Dueling Banjos is the town anthem, you may be in mehntehnackack.


Your moms box.
If your town was featured in The Good The Bad and The Ugly, you may be in Mancunt Cuntry
If a television is considered a picture box...

If the towns people call you a wizard when you spark a cigarette lighter...

If the age of consent is 11 years old...


He's no good to me dead.
I will go with mine from the listening thread:

if george hearst jumps your gold mine claim....manacamantutma....

if the man with no name is the law in your town....managdfgdfituu

Random Neff

God damned ohio
If Marty McFly just invented the Frisbee by throwing a pie tin... makaka


If your new sheriff is a n*****, you're in madsfjlkasdfnlkasdfnsaglknsdf country


Get 'em while they're hot
If someone in your town has to go back and get a shit load of dimes, Bahh Baww Baa Baa!!!


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If your town still enforces Jim Crowe're in Mehntehnackntry.


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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The women still don't go into "town" by themselves... mhgjkct!


If you have to walk uphill both ways in 10 feet of snow to get to and from school, you're in Mandouche Cuntry.


Is alive.
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If you can't read this, you are in Mancow country.


What's black and white and red all over?
If the only syndicated show in your town is Mancow, you're in aakadicujikllw