You're No Ranma...

Good thing I had my fingers crossed behind my back. I knew your lil "forgive me" act was too good to be true, Adam. :rolleyes:

For the rest of you online fools out there that just follow anything anyone tells you without even knowing what that person's really about considering you don't know either of us in person and you don't know who's right and who's wrong because NONE of ya'll don't know what's been going on. I have 3 witnesses on my side that can DEFINITELY vouch for me, but I'm not bringing them in this unlike a certain JERK that doesn't know anything about Friendship, Honesty, or Curteosy to anyone. Someone that makes their own rules, doesn't respect their parent, lies, cheats, and steals his way through life, and says they're over a certain other ex-friend of mine, but I know better. ;)

You say you don't want to play email games anymore Adam. What do you call this then, hmm? If you think flaming me though some stupid discussion board's gonna hurt me one bit...think again... :p

You may have an adult age, but you're still acting like a whiny little baby. :D

Once a jerk...ALWAYS a jerk... :)
Oh shit! She attacked!!! Red alert! Dammit IOHN, Stingray, Fofo-chan! I need your help! :)

*rolls up sleeves* I'll handle her when I come back from the city.... And no one told me this?
OK, let me guess. Glenda? Well, welcome to the board. Now let's get a few things straight.
1. Going onto a message message board and calling the members online fools is very classy. Let's see, how did you post that? You must have had to go online, right? Does that make you an online fool too?
2. Who said anything about following anybody? Yes, I don't know either of you in person, but I also don't see any judgements or accusations being made by anyone besides the two of you!
3. As far as making judgements about people you seem to be the one who has made that error in judgement. You use the argument that nobody knows you, but that goes both ways. You don't know any of us and for you to come on OUR board and to make statements about us is a huge insult and only demonstrates your character.
4. Then you go on to claim that none us us know what is going on. Well, that would be a valid point if you didn't decide to follow that statement up by telling us what type of person you are talking about and reveiling personal information yourself.
5. Next you go onto to claim that he is not getitng to you, but he obviously is! If he wasn't you wouldn't have posted this reply. I am not criticizing you, just stating how you sound like a hypocrite. But then again I don't know you, so what do I know?
6. "If you think flaming me though some stupid discussion board's gonna hurt me one bit..." This statement is just a stupid one to make. Please re-read point #5 again for emphasis. Plus, calling this board stupid is just a bad idea. If you were trying to convince members of this board that you are just and correct in this matter, calling the board stupid is not a good way to go about it.
7. As far as maturity goes, mine has been suspect at times, but lowering yourself to responding to his venting, putting personal information out there and making judgements about people you don't know just makes you look as immature as he did by starting this.

Now I understand that this is the FU forum and is a place that has been provided to vent and let out frustration, but it should not be used as a flame war arena. If you two were so mature you would have figured a way to deal and not felt the need to post your private stuff on a public forum. Like I said I don't know you (either of you)and I am not making a personal judgment. I am just saying that you sound like a hypocrite with a few of the things you say. My major beef is the judgements you made about the people of this board. You have been obliged the oppertunity to have your say on this "stupid board" so that all of us "online fools" can see how mature and rational you are, so insulting the very forum you are using is like complaining the garbage man smells like garbage. You might not like the smell but you sure apprecaite the fact that your garbage is gone.

Well, once again I would like to welcome you to our home. You are more then welcome to be a part of our community and get to know the people of this board better. I have a feeling that you are not interested in doing that, but you are welcome to. I have no personal problems with you, but just wanted to let you know that we do not take kindly to people insulting our home. We are friends here and supportive of eachother. We welcome new members and encourage new people to join. We do not judge people and embrace diversity. So if you are interested in getting to know new people and share ideas in an open and honest forum you are more then welcome. But if you are only interested in attempting to embarass someone with personal information, attack other people and contiue a flame war, then I personally (can't really speak for the board in general) am not interested. Oh by the way, that goes for the person on the other side of this as well.

If anyone has a problem with this, I welcome your opinion. I will not engage in a debate on this board but am more then willing to listen to others points of view and would debate an issue in private if need be. I am sorry if this sounds like I am bashing you, I truly am not. I don't appreciate either side of this BS, you just happened to catch my ire by insulting the board and it's memebers. I don't see any winners in stupid "flame wars" like this.
Ok well, now I feel the need to get a few more things straight.
1. This is your deal, don't ask for back up after you started something. If you needed to vent that is kewl, but you should have just vented and let it go
2. As far as the threats that were made. Not very appreciated. I am only speaking for myself here, but I took great offense to the physical threats that were made. First why would you say that and second I hope the hell you wouldn't seriously consider it. Nobody should ever hit a woman and anyone who even talks about it shows poor judgement.
3. As far as posting personal information, please do. Hell, who doesn't like a gossip. Sitting back and enjoying some juicy stuff would make my day. But, don't threaten to do it just to scare someone. What does that prove? Posting shit about other people just shows how low you have sunk on the evolutionary scale. Hell we have all done it, mostly out of anger, so I am not saying that I am above that, I am just saying that maybe people should think more about what they are saying.

Oh hell forget the whole thing. Please let the war begin. :finding a good seat, grabbing a beer and getting comfortable:
The Publicist Know your role and shut your mouth!!! Listen up jabroni dont sing it just bring it and IOHN will kick your candy ass. If ya smell what IOHN is cooking!!! Heh heh LOL

What i thought we where all having fun!!!
I think we got off to a bad start- DICE!!!

First off, Son, if that wasn't a judgment call, I don't know what you would call it. Sure as hell did sound like one to me. And besides, all this crap that's happened over this last year is because of HIM. He's the one that would not tell the truth about things and twist anything said and make it into something completely untrue. He's tried to split me and my two (now 1) best friends up several times and we've caught him in the act as well, yet all he would do is deny it. He doesn't know when to come clean about anything. And do you know what business he's talking about anyways this time? A stupid hotel arrangement for a convention that's going on down here in another month. You see, there's him and another friend of ours that comes down to it and another online friend of mine that I knew before he did and that I've already met and he hasn't told me he would be attending the convention for the first time this year. Now, Adam didn't tell his friend that he had someone else staying in the room, although he DID tell my other friend that he was bringing someone down. Don't you think it would've been curteous of him to let both parties know and not keep one in the dark? She's told me that she wasn't comfortable around anyone she doesn't know and so she's staying at my place that weekend now. He SWEARS that he told me not to tell anyone, but he did not. He just told me how the arrangements were going to be. That's what that "BUSINESS" that he's spouting about is all about that I told. He's blowing this and anything else he tells you or anyone else out of contrast as always because that's the person he is. And once he's started something, he can never finish it ON HIS OWN unlike me. He ALWAYS has to get someone else to finish it instead of him standing up and facing reality as it is. He's I'm not scared of a K-I-D. Get real! :rolleyes:

This isn't gossip you're hearing though. This is all true from my end. On his end's very questionable. He has no respect for anyone. That's why he doesn't have many friends at all either. And yes, he DOES hit women. :rolleyes:

You want to know about the real me? Oh fine, here's my personal site (pictures included): :D

And as for you IMOVERHERENOW, I hate wrestling, and I don't do wrestling lingo, so talk in PLAIN ENGLISH! :p
I think this should stay between Ranma Saotome and the Publicist. He sent out an FU and she responded and is fighting back... I will be back later on tonight with a Sandwich and some beers to read all this..

by the way sonofadeke, excellent post
Im flattered The Publicist but i dont speak english!!! Heh heh LOL. Understandable you hate wrestling and dont do wrestling lingo so you wouldnt understand the joke. I was just messing with you.
Hey, I thought I made myself pretty clear. I was not taking sides or fighting anyone elses battles. (I only do that for a select few) I was only commenting on what was posted and the statements I found offensive. I don't feel anything I said was a personal attack at either of you, since I don't know either of you personally, and was only my opinion on what was posted by the both of you. I am not and never was attempting to pick a fight. Like I said, after second thought this will be fun to watch.
On a side note and for your information Glenda. I had no idea what was and/or is going on. I was never given a false story that you needed to refute because I was never given a story in the first place. This is a messageboard of fans of O&A. Yes, we are friends here but not everyone is tight enough to be sharing personal info. It is not like anyone went on the board and posted personal information about you and your life. It was a post in an FU forum. A forum designed to allow people to vent. Yes it went to far and threats were made, but personal information was not posted until you desided to respond to the post. Personally I think you are both wrong, but don't think any less of either of you (I don't know either of you anyway). I too have done stupid shit out of anger (or is it really out of love? HUMMM makes you think!) I just didn't appreciate someone who didn't know the board or it's members taking shots at both and I didn't appreciate our board being used to make threats against anyone (especially woman).
Now with that said we return you to your regularly scheduled flame war, we apologize for the interuption.
Deke, thanks man. I didn't mean for all of this shit to come out like this. Let's get ready to rumble! I would've been here sooner but I was out at WWFNY!

Pub, listen... Thanks for lying. All you do is lie to make yourself look good. All what you said about me is pure lies. You cannot prove nor backup anything you just said. I asked you why do you continue to tell my business, but you don't. See you wouldn't like if if I brought a girl with me to the con to whoop your fat black ass huh? See I won't. That's a waste.

How hard is it to tell the truth, hmm? You keep doing this cuz I know for a fact that you are still angry about this paast summer! I am willing to drop this, as long you tell the truth you lil slut!

IOHN, thanks for the attack, but I got it from here! I'll fight her anytime... Anywhere cuz Stone Cold Ranma SAotome said so! :D


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What the Flying fuck
Can't we all Just get along :p
Get along what the hell are you talking about this is an FU Forum we are all just having some fun right!!!
NO IOHN, this is NOT fun whatsoever! This is VERY serious and VERY real what he's talking about and YES personal remarks were made about me from his side, he just denies it. He thinks he can bully anyone around or just that the hurtful things that he does to people is just a game and that it's nothing and he'll be forgiven later. I'm sorry but that's not the way I am about this sort of thing. :mad:
Publicist baby... Quit tap dancing already... You're backpedalling again. I'm not here to smack you around, but get to the point. And you haven't yet to answer my question.