Zoo keeper suspended for 'punching a seal'


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By Daily Star Reporter/Published 7th August 2013

The worker is alleged to have punched a South American fur seal while handlers tried to weigh it

Bosses at Bristol Zoo Gardens are probing an incident involving a senior worker.

The employee has been told to stay away until an investigation is completed.

They are alleged to have punched a South American fur seal while handlers tried to weigh it.

A vet has since examined all of their seals, with every animal remaining on public show.

All the Zoo's seals have been examined by a vet

“The animal has been, and continues to be, on full public show.”

A Bristol Zoo Gardens spokeswoman
A Zoo spokeswoman said: "A senior animal keeper at Bristol Zoo Gardens has been suspended pending further investigation of an alleged animal welfare incident that has recently come to light.

"As this is an ongoing investigation, Bristol Zoo is currently unable to discuss the details of the incident.

"However, the zoo has acted rapidly and comprehensively by instigating an immediate, formal and extensive investigation in line with its internal policies and legal welfare requirements.

"Michelle Barrows, head of veterinary services, has examined the seal family and all individuals are behaving normally, engaging happily and playfully with keepers and guests in their enclosure.

"The animal has been, and continues to be, on full public show.

"Bristol Zoo would like to make it very clear that it has a zero tolerance towards such behaviour and takes its commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare and conservation seriously."


The Only Thing Bigger Than My Head
It probably bit him, in which case, showing that seal who's boss was warranted.


Seals can be assholes, too. Just look at Jessie suing a war heroes widow.


In The Danger Zone...
Wackbag Staff
Fucking things always barking at you.

That's what he gets gettin lippy.


Wackbag Staff
One of his co workers was heard saying "hes laughing at you. Hes laughing at you. Thats how the fur seal laughs"

Lord Zero

Viciously Silly
Must've been a hell of a punch. Look at the damage.



Ideologically Unsound
Breathing his mackerel breath on me all day, every day. Beady little black eyes. Dead eyes, like a dolls eyes.

the Streif

I punch my seal every time I look at porn.


What's black and white and red all over?
An Eskimo rode into town on a snowmachine billowing smoke. Another Eskimo said looks like you blew a seal. Eskimo said no, that's just frost on my mustache.


En Taro Anthony
I heard the seal wasn't a seal but instead just a UDT. Lawsuit pending.


Ridiculum Anserini
My Mechanic swears that I've blown seals.

How the hell would he know...he wasn't even at my Cousin's wedding in San Diego.