Zumba prostitution case is not a minor crime

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Police in Kennebunk, Maine, on Monday released the names of close to two dozen people suspected of paying to have sex with a fitness instructor at her Zumba studio.
The release came after a court ruled against a temporary restraining order to block the identities from getting out.
"The principle that court proceedings are public is essential to public confidence. If persons charged with crimes could withhold their identities, the public would not be able to monitor proceedings to observe whether justice has been done and to observe whether certain defendants may have received favored treatment," Justice Thomas Warren wrote in his decision.
A lawyer for at least one of the suspected johns, "John Doe 1," had argued against the release, saying doing so would destroy the families and careers of good men.


Not a crime, IMO. If she wants to fuck for money and you're willing to pay. Go for it.

The fat bodied busy bodies are always moral orals that no one wants to fuck. hence, they get upset at everyone else for fucking.


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My guess is that the whole thing came to light when one of the guys either found out she was shooting video, or that she tried to blackmail someone.

Just a guess.
Note her studio is a few towns north of me..

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My guess is that the whole thing came to light when one of the guys either found out she was shooting video, or that she tried to blackmail someone.

Just a guess.
Blackmail's the only good reason I can think of for a hot hooker to tape herself banging a fuckton of out of shape schlubs, over however many years.

But if it doesn't work out, she could turn the publicity into a lucrative (if brief) porn career pretty easily I imagine.


I want to fuck your girlfriend.
I think one of her busy body neighbors ratted. Some broad was on the news under voice and facial disguise complaining about the noise from her studio next door.
Yup...it's got all of the local news stations both "Outraged" and stroking their boners waiting for the next list of names to be released...
Are you attempting to set up an alibi, sir?
Perhaps... :::cough:::

Just curious to see the list of names... and if I know them.

Then again... have a look at a couple of Maine hookers...

Jamie Michaud

Michelle Blackley

KITTERY, Maine — A sting at a local motel led to the arrest of two women on Thursday who face charges of engaging in prostitution.

Arrested were Michelle Blackley of Nashua, N.H., and Jamie Michaud of Hudson, N.H., according to a press release distributed by Kittery Police Chief Edward Strong.

Officers from the Portsmouth (N.H.) Police Department assisted their counterparts from Kittery and a sting was conducted at a motel on the Route 1 bypass. Both suspects reportedly were advertising their services online.

In addition to the Class D misdemeanor prostitution charge, Michaud also was charged with possession of a scheduled drug and a usable amount of marijuana. Additional charges are pending, police say.

Meh they are from NH... but working in ME... well just barely.

Oh and if it is where I think basically that stretch of the Route 1 ByPass (in NH) is a string of gas stations and jerk shacks... and a dance studio for some reason.


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As far as hookers go, could be waaaay worse.


The first one looks a tad pissed. The second has her whatever face on.

You'd think ME would have legalized prostitution by now. Guess the holy rollers still pretend to rule the roost.
The first one looks a tad pissed. The second has her whatever face on.

You'd think ME would have legalized prostitution by now. Guess the holy rollers still pretend to rule the roost.
More like the poorest county in the state Arrostick, which always votes Republican...

Only other large prostitution ring was a town councilor opened a Gym that was also a Rub and Tug in Kittery... gonna see if I can find it in some news archives as it was a few years ago.


Details unsealed on Danish Health Club investigation

PORTLAND, Maine — Former Kittery Town Councilor and lawyer Gary Reiner is sitting in a minimum security federal prison in Allenwood, Pa., serving a 60-month jail sentence.

And the walls of the infamous Danish Health Club, a prostitution business that became Reiner's undoing, are long gone, replaced by brand-new townhouses.

Reiner and the club have now been relegated to town history, but for the curious, there is still plenty of reading available about the scandalous case.

Details about the notorious Kittery brothel with ties to a Massachusetts-based organized crime group have recently been released, almost 31⁄2 years after federal agents raided the facility and broke up an interstate prostitution ring.

The documents, which were sealed for two years and released by Maine's U.S. District Court on Wednesday, shed light on the investigation leading up to the IRS and FBI raid in September of 2004 and detail how investigators were able to procure search warrants for the brothel at 19 Bridge St.

Investigators took a three-pronged approach toward unveiling the illegal activity happening at the fake massage parlor through reviewing financial records, testimony from former employees and surveillance of the club.

The documents include a search warrant dated June 7, 2004, issued to IRS Special Agent Rodney Giguere for "all corporate bookkeeping records and other financial records including ledgers, general journals and all subsidiary ledgers and journals, gross receipts" and other items for the Danish Health Club and "those associated with its operations."

In addition, the warrant asks for "all evidence relating to prostitution, communications between prostitutes and their pimps and customers," as well as the proceeds from prostitution and "condoms and other birth control materials (including such items contained in handbags); sheets and other bedding material; and cell phones, phone records, and pagers, and telephone numbers displayed and stored on the phones and pagers."

A 35-page affidavit from Giguere supported search warrants for both the Danish Health Club and the Lynnfield, Mass., residence of Mary Ann Manzoli, a principal owner of the club.

The affidavit says the FBI began investigations into the Danish Health Club in October of 2000, when investigators began gathering evidence on the "Jones Family" — "an organized family group which has operated long-term prostitution, narcotics, and insurance fraud rackets in the greater Boston metropolitan area."

According to the report, the group put young females to work as prostitutes in fake massage parlors in Massachusetts, Hartford, Conn., and Kittery, Maine.

Even before 2000, state and local police had obtained statements from individuals describing prostitution activities at the DHC, and an undercover operation by Kittery Police in September of 1984 resulted in the arrest of a manager of the club and a masseuse who propositioned an undercover officer for sex.

In December of 2002, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maine requested that the IRS's Criminal Investigation Division aid in the investigation.

Giguere believed that the DHC was opened "in or around 1984" by Leo Manzoli. Joel Lehrer was hired to operate the club until his death in 2001.

Surveillance by Giguere and other law enforcement agents showed the involvement of a number of people, including Russell Pallas, a former Gilford, N.H., police officer that ran operations during the day, and Susan Lehrer, wife of Joel Lehrer, who ran the club's nighttime operations.

The investigation focused on a number of other leads acquired over the years leading up to the raid, including the testimony of former DHC prostitutes, many of whom worked at the club under direction from Jones Family members, advertisements for the club in adult entertainment magazines and other publications, visual surveillance of DHC and those who worked there, financial transactions and phone records.

Democrat file photo Demolition crews tear down the Danish Health Spa on Bridge Street in Kittery, Maine.
The testimony included that of a young woman who was under 18 years old when she began working as a prostitute at the DHS in 2000. According to the affidavit, the woman worked at the club for several months, seeing "on average, five to six customers a day and virtually all would engage in sex with her," and making between $600 and $1,000 each day she worked.

"The physical surveillance of the DHC also revealed that a significant number of customers were arriving at the DHC in cars bearing out-of-state license plates," read Giguere's affidavit. "For example, during the week April 1, 2002, through April 7, 2002, agents observed approximately 249 customer vehicles arrive at the DHC."

The investigation eventually focused on Mary Ann Manzoli, widow of Leo and a bookkeeper for the club, who was also believed to be a principal owner of the DHC and who agents said was responsible for signing checks written from the club.

In December of 2003 and February of 2004, a special agent removed trash left outside Manzoli's home and found empty envelopes addressed to K&D Realty Trust — a firm associated with the health club — as well as envelopes addressed to the Kittery Health Club, a.k.a. the DHC, and other financial envelopes connecting Manzoli with the operation. She was also connected to millions of dollars that were deposited into more than a dozen bank accounts with affiliations with the DHC or Manzoli.

Reiner, who served as a lawyer for the massage parlor, was sentenced to 60 months in jail in September of 2005 on charges of prostitution and money laundering. He has a scheduled release date of July 8, 2010.

Other former employees of the DHC serving or who have served time in prison include former prostitute Cheryl Stilwell, who is serving a 20-month sentence, pimp Lance Williams, who is serving an 111⁄2-year sentence, and daytime club manager Pallas, who was sentenced to six months in prison and 41⁄2 months of home confinement. Manzoli was sentenced to one year of home confinement.

And this was on the ME side off of that Route 1 bypass with the gas stations/jerk booths etc...


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Thinking back... I think she was the chick that was playing with my weapon light I was using as a flashlight. Note this was during that ice storm we had a few years ago. Kinda foggy as I think I was about 4 vodkas in by the time I talked to her.